1. AutoCare

This is a service designed to provide complete care, maintenance, and assistance for your automobiles. We specialize in the following services:

  • Towing services: Imagine enjoying a smooth ride and all of a sudden, your car stops in the middle of the road, either due to an empty tank or an accident - this can be unpleasant. Our on-demand towing service provides you quick assistance in such times of need. Get your car towed safely to the nearest fueling station or any location.
  • Car Unlocking Services:We understand how stressful it is to get your keys out of a locked car, especially when you are in a hurry. Here is some good news- we have trained our pals to carefully get your keys out of the car without damages to the glass. Feel free to lock those keys in, you covered.
  • Battery Jumpstart: Your car doesn’t start when you turn it on? No big deal. We are just one call away. Enjoy an around-the-clock battery jumpstart and get back on the road in no time.
  • Tire Services: Whether it is a simple flat tire issue or you need to fix your spare tire, handy pal provides the assistance you need and does not leave you stranded.

2. Pickup & Delivery Services:

Bothered about the safety of your packages? Relax. You can trust our delivery team to handle your packages with utmost care. Get your parcels delivered to any location of your choice (within Lagos) at affordable fees.

Side Attractions

  • Fixed and Affordable charges: Our charges are fixed for locations within the mainland so you need not be bothered about fluctuations and sudden price change. (P.S, for locations on the island, Ikorodu and Badagry, there is an additional charge. Calm down, you can afford it)
  • Same-Day Delivery: beat the time and get your packages delivered to any location on the same day. Your time is precious, we won’t waste it.
  • Monitor your Parcel: You can monitor the location of your parcel while on transit. We designed this feature to enhance credibility, allow real-time tracking and proof of delivery.

3. Home & Office Cleaning Services

You want a clean environment but don’t know how to go about it? We’ve got you covered. Our professionals are detailed and equipped with the right tools and expertise to solve mild and heavy dirt problems individuals, families, and corporate organizations face, leaving you healthier, happier, and more productive. Request a pal today for the following services

  • Thorough home/office cleaning
  • 100% effective pest control and fumigation
  • Start or end of tenancy cleaning
  • Comprehensive post-construction/renovation cleaning
  • Magical Upholstery and leather revamping.

4. Dry-Cleaning Services

We know you want to look elegant and dazzling in that outfit, let our brilliant team of experienced dry cleaners handle that. They are experts in handling all types of fabrics like cotton, lace, satins, suits, and traditional wear. They are trained to deploy innovative ways to ensure your fabric and garments are extra clean and available for use at any time of the day. Request a pal today for any of the following services

  • Stain removal
  • Special garment care
  • Ironing-only

Side Attraction

  • Pickup and delivery: Convenience is just a tap away. Just request, we’ll pick up your fabrics and deliver them to you within 72 hours. Avoid long queues at the launderette.
  • Affordable pricing: Our prices are affordable PRICE LIST
  • Quality: Our products are fabric-friendly and of high quality. Your fabrics retain their vibrancy even after a hard wash.